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Network problems with xDSL
If e.g. your VNC sessions always close for "no reason", or you have problems with certain web sites - your network card setup can be the reason. They are setup for Ethernet, allowing a MTU (maximum transmission unit) of 1500 bytes. But when using xDSL with PPPoE, there is an additional overhead of 8 bytes, so you need to decrease the MTU. In *nix, this is done with
root@machine # ifconfig eth0 mtu 1492
You may want to put this line to your /etc/init.d/boot.local file to not enter it manually after each reboot.
For more detailed information, see the MTU-Mini-FAQ (German). On that site there is even a more detailed FAQ on DSL topics available (also German).
Include link to the PHP documentation on errors
When an error occurs while executing a PHP script, the processing is often canceled and an error message displayed. For programmers it can be very helpful, if this message contains a link to the documentation of the PHP command that caused the error, to look up the syntax. This can easily be achieved following these steps:
  1. Download the PHP manual (the "Many HTML files" variant) from
  2. Unpack the archive, e.g. to /usr/share/doc/phpmanual and make this directory readable for your webserver
  3. In your Apache configuration, add an appropriate alias. In our example, this would be done by the directive Alias /phpmanual/ /usr/share/doc/phpmanual/
  4. In your /etc/php.ini, enable the docref_root directive as follows: docref_root = "/phpmanual/"
  5. Restart the Apache webserver: /etc/init.d/apache2 graceful
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