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Location Larnaca: Zenobia
  Latitude: 34° 53' 52'' N   Longitude: 33° 39' 25'' E  
  Altitude: 0   Max. Depth: 42 m  
  Water: salt water   DiveType: wreck  
  Rating: Rating:5        
Notes Notes:

A Swedish ferry sunk in 1980 due to a computer error: it got an unbalance, and the computer confused left with right when pumping water to compensate, so it tilted even more until it finally sunk, about 1.400 meters from the harbor.
As it is with wrecks, the Zenobia converted into an artificial reef. Two times a day a dive boat goes out to the site; sometimes it's stuffed with divers, other times almost empty: never hurts to make a reservation in advance, especially as all dive clubs around the island go here.

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