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Location Blue Grotto: Um-El-Faroud
  Latitude: 35° 49' 4'' N   Longitude: 14° 26' 35'' E  
  Altitude: 0   Max. Depth: 37 m  
  Water: salt water   DiveType: wreck  
  Rating: Rating:0        
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Wreck of an old freighter which was sunk here approx. 1998. During a heavy winter storm, the 110m long ship broke apart behind the bridge. The wreck can easily be penetrated. It is in good condition and for sure worth more than a few dives!

To reach the location from the island without a ship, there is a common entry point at 35° 49' 10" N 14° 27' 6" E. There you usually find some groups of divers which either just returned from the wreck (and thus can give the necessary information on how to find it), or just heading it (so you can join them).

This 10.000 tons weight, 110m long and 15m wide old lybian oil freighter was sunk in September 1998, 3 years after the tragedy happened at the docks: Originally, the ship should be repaired. But during that work, an explosion caused nine dock workers' dead and made the ship a total loss. A huge crack was created which could not be repaired. So after a long fight of burocracy, the ship was finally sunk as a dive attraction and artificially reef.

After a few years, the crack grew bigger so one could dive through. Today it has grown even more, and broke the entire wreck in two pieces wich are already about 7m apart - that's what the winter storms on Malta can do...

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