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Location Krk: Pelastis
  Latitude: 45° 9' 36'' N   Longitude: 14° 38' 46'' E  
  Altitude: 0   Max. Depth: 32 m  
  Water: salt water   DiveType: wreck  
  Rating: Rating:4        
Notes Notes:

Croatia, island Krk. The approx. 60m long wreck is located near Silo in a depth of 7-32m. You will see Scorpion fishes and Tube worms. Since this ship sank already in 1968, it is meanwhile nicely overgrown. You can dive through the cargo hold and bridge.

The Pelastis
The freighter Pelastis, moving under Greek flag, moored in January 1968 during a strong storm in the strait between the Croatian mainland and the island Krk. However, on account of the wind and the waves high to several meters the hawsers tore, and the approx. 60..70m long freighter was pressed against the rocks near the place Silo, before the crew succeeded to start the machines and to maneuver the ship in security. Because the ship sank relative slowly, half of the team succeeded to escape (but according to some reports, only 4 of 12 crew members survived - while others say all of the crew but the captain). Only the captain insisted after old tradition on setting by his ship, and still fixed before to be rescued at the earliest after one year.

Considered being a seamans grave, diving the Pelastis was prohibited first. The captains wish was honoured (rumours say, they just forgot about the wreck with the captain in), and he was salvaged only years later. Today, the Pelastis is a main attraction for divers in the Kvarna bay. If you want to go here, just contact the Tauchbasis Krk - they have at least German and English speaking staff.

The wreck of the Pelastis can be comfortably reached by boat from the small harbour of Silo within 10 minutes. Lieing nearly flat on ground with a maximum depth of 32..33m (propeller), this wreck is suitable for beginners as well.

Following the buoy rope one reaches the mast of the ship at a depth of about 6..7 meters and is escorted up to the deck. One can dive through the bridge and the rooms below, easily getting in through the big windows and hatches. Both loading bays can be dived through as well - their cover does not exist anymore.

At this site you will find more than just scrap metal: within the many years the wreck lies on ground now, many sea life found its home here: huge schools of fish, some scorpion fish, tube worms and more waits to be discovered here.

Fotos Fotos

Draft of the wreck

Glance up the mast


On the bridge



"Map" of the wreck

Along the wreck



In Memorial of the Captain

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