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Dive#: 24 Globe Alcudia / Jeronimo Cavern 10 July 2004 09:36
Conditions Conditions
Max. Depth:12 m
Dive Time:15 min
Water Temp.:24 °C
Air Temp.:27 °C
Equipment Equipment
Suit:wet suit, wet suit 5mm 2 piece + booties
Weight:12 kg
Tank 1:
Name/Gas:Standard / NTX34
Type,Volume:steel, 12.0 l
Pressure:In: 195 bar, Out: 105 bar
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Notes Notes

First cave dive as the ''wheel man'' during the ''cavern diver'' speciality course. Used quite a lot of air due to the unfamiliar new task load (running the wheel, taking care for the sometimes narrow cavern environment etc.) - but still enjoyed the great environment, clear blue water and amazing visibility. Lots of fishes all around, sea urchins on the ground...

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