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Dive#: 118 Globe Catalina / The Wall 21 November 2019 11:29
Conditions Conditions
Max. Depth:20 m
Dive Time:35 min
Buddy:Tim, Franklin
Visibility:20 m
Water Temp.:29 °C
Air Temp.:30 °C
Equipment Equipment
Suit:wet suit, Shorty
Weight:8 kg
Tank 1:
Name/Gas:12L 232 bar / air
Type,Volume:steel, 12.0 l
Pressure:In: 200 bar, Out: 85 bar
Notes Notes

Visibility around 20m - and thus twice as much as on the Atlantic site. Note: whenever the Atlantic at Bávaro is rough (as the wind blows in from the sea), go over here to either Catalina or Bayahibe as it will be calm (and vice versa). On our dive, we reached it in the rain (so some of my co-divers kidded they'd need an umbrella or get wet), hence lighting was a bit variable. Was a nice dive, sea life and all that - see PeerTube for a video!

Was going with Dolin Dive Center from Bávaro (the one from the hotel we stayed at). They have a partner club here which provides the boat and equipment. Transfer fee of about USD 80, dives from the package.

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