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Dive#: 117 Globe Bávaro / Cavernas 19 November 2019 09:55
Conditions Conditions
Max. Depth:12 m
Dive Time:30 min
Buddy:Fred, Mikel
Visibility:5 m
Water Temp.:29 °C
Air Temp.:30 °C
Equipment Equipment
Suit:wet suit, Shorty
Weight:8 kg
Tank 1:
Name/Gas:12L 232 bar / air
Type,Volume:steel, 12.0 l
Pressure:In: 180 bar, Out: 80 bar
Notes Notes

Still bad visibility (less than 5m) due to heavy winds blowing in from the Atlantic, so not much to see. Only highlight was the cavern itself, which was a bit calmer and had visibility increased to almost 10m.

Buddy Location Location Place