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Dive#: 113 Globe Bávaro / Park Reef 18 November 2019 09:40
Conditions Conditions
Max. Depth:12 m
Dive Time:52 min
Buddy:Fred, Franklin
Visibility:10 m
Water Temp.:29 °C
Air Temp.:30 °C
Equipment Equipment
Suit:wet suit, Shorty
Weight:8 kg
Tank 1:
Name/Gas:12L 232 bar / air
Type,Volume:steel, 12.0 l
Pressure:In: 200 bar, Out: 60 bar
Notes Notes

First dive in the Domenican Republic. Went with Dolin Dive Center (the one from the hotel). Franklin is a very nice fellow who guided almost all my dives here. Weather was a bit raw this week, so visibility was just around 10m. As this is the Atlantic, it's not what I'd expected from a Carribean island - but still was a nice dive; see PeerTube for a video of it.

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