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Dive#: 110 Globe Protaras / Blue Hole 14 September 2018 09:27
Conditions Conditions
Max. Depth:17 m
Dive Time:48 min
Water Temp.:28 °C
Air Temp.:31 °C
Equipment Equipment
Suit:wet suit, Shorty
Weight:4 kg
Tank 1:
Name/Gas:15L 200 bar / air
Type,Volume:steel, 15.0 l
Pressure:In: 200 bar, Out: 50 bar
Notes Notes

A relaxed first-dive-of-the-day. Took a little to find the entry to the hole itself. After swimming through it, towards the second half of the dive, found tons of sponges, several of them 'ripe' to be picked. Need to remember this site for when I need a new one (had already picked mine on an earlier dive).
Lots of fish around here. And a 'handycapped' turtle which was swimming on one leg only.
avg depth 5m.

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